Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

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Do you feel terrible but your doctor says all of your tests are fine?

Do you want to finally find out what is happening for you and do something about it- so that you can feel great again?

Do you want to take proactive steps to secure your health and wellness and reduce your chances of getting sick? 

Benefits of a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Can reveal the source of your symptoms.
  • Pinpoint underlying health and wellness imbalances that are implicated in many common health complaints.Identify hormonal, metabolic, and gastrointestinal contributors to your health problems with scientific accuracy
  • Provide vital information to implement optimal balance and health

NOTE: This service is only available for individuals who want to use their insurance. Insurance will cover your labs, but not my analysis. The analysis is $97. 

If you don't have insurance, then please consider purchasing one of our private pay blood panel options: Basic Blood Chemistry Panel, Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel, Ultra Blood Chemistry Panel.