A-GM- Byron White Formulas - GMO and Artificial Sweetener Detox Formula


A-GM- Byron White Formulas - GMO and Artificial Sweetener Detox Formula

Product description

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GMOs and artificial sweeteners have become an increasing issue and have been known to createdamaging effects in the body. These substances are often hidden in foods under “natural flavors”.

GMOs have been known to cause degenerative disease, cancer, DNA damage and interfere with the body’s ability to heal and maintain balance.

A-GM Detox supports the body in detoxifying GMOs and artificial sweetener toxicity. The herbs in this formula also help the body’s systems in detoxifying aspartame, sucralose and fructose.

Due to the constant exposure of GMOs and artificial sweetener toxicity we recommend taking this formula daily.

Traditional use of several herbs:

  • Rosemary: strongly antioxidant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antiyeast, antibacterial
  • Chaga: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant
  • Cat’s Claw: repairs DNA, circulatory tonic, immune stimulant, stomach ulcers, cancer, liver, Lyme, and relief from certain types of pain
  • Celery Seed: contains linoleic acid and omega-6
  • Bladderwrack: natural source of iodine, metabolic support, trace minerals and vitamins including zeaxantin, lipid balance
  • Codonopsis: tonic herb, protects against radiation
  • Ku Shen: liver protective, useful in hepatic disease, fatty liver degeneration, and fibrosis
  • Mei Gui Hua: anti-inflammatory, tonic
  • Cordyceps: protective and adaptogenic
  • Passion flower: supports neurological system, promotes relaxation

Contraindications: Not recommended for use during pregnancy

Suggested Use:
It is recommend to use a small amount of this formula. Research has shown that 1-2 drops daily helps the body detox GMOs and artificial sweeteners.