A-Myco - Byron White Formulas - Mycoplasma, Tuberculosis Herbal Support


A-Myco - Byron White Formulas - Mycoplasma, Tuberculosis Herbal Support

Product description

Byron White A-Myco, against mycoplasma and tuberculosis

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Byron White A-Myco is a tincutre of 9 antibacterial herbs, intended to combat mycoplasma bacteria and mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Mycoplasma is a special form of bacteria. Their special characteristic is that they do not have a cell wall around the cell membrane. Due to these characteristics, they are naturally resistant to all antibiotics that affect cell wall synthesis (such as beta-lactam antibiotics). They have many characteristics of fungi and parasites, and many are pathogenic to humans.

Typical representative is M. pneumoniae, which causes walking (atypical) pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, and M. genitalium, which causes inflammation of the genitals, uterus and urinary tract (bacterial vaginosis, premature birth, miscarriage, infertility, inflammation of the cervix). Often both sex partners are affected.

Mycoplasma are the smallest bacteria we know, have different shapes and can survive without oxygen.

Many types of mycoplasma also infect animals.

A-Myco contains 9 effective antimicrobial herbs:

  • Olive (leaf) – Olea europaea
  • Uva Ursi (leaf) – Arctostaphylos uva ursi
  • Stillingia (root) – Stillingia sylvatica
  • Garlic (bulb) – Allium sativum
  • Usnea (lichen) – Usnea barbata
  • Cats Claw (bark) –Uncaria tomentosa
  • Gou Teng (hook & vine) – Uncaria rhynchophylla
  • Picao Preto (leaf) – Bidens pilosa
  • Fedegoso (leaf) – Cassia occidentalis

All ingredients are carefully selected and act synergistic.

Byron White Tinctures

The tinctures of Byron White are one of the best in the world. Dr. Byron White was a healer with a 37 year practice. During his life he helped over 25,000 individuals with chronic illnesses and Lyme disease (borreliosis). His main focus was the research of natural healing plants and how to use them correctly. He created 40 herbal formulas, which are now used by different naturopaths, osteopaths and other practitioners.