A-C - Byron White Formulas - Coxsackie Virus Upper Respiratory Support


A-C - Byron White Formulas - Coxsackie Virus Upper Respiratory Support

Product description

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Coxsackie virus is commonly found in Spring and Summer months with Flu like symptoms that often reoccur weeks later.

About half of children with Coxsackie virus exhibit no symptoms. It can also cause other symptoms such as: hand foot and mouth disease, herpangina, hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, viral meningitis, encephalitis, myocarditis. Coxsackie can be relatively mild or serious, affecting the heart, brain, bone marrow and may lead to viral meningitis.

Some symptom possibilities: headaches, fever, muscle aches, sore middle of throat, lymph swelling, fatigue, cough, pneumonia.

A-C supports the immune system of patients with the viral family of Coxsackie and contains herbs that have been shown to historically have anti-viral, anti bacterial, and anti-septic abilities and that support the immune system, white blood cell production, lymph detox, thymus, fever and inflammation reduction.

A-C has been use with both acute infections and deeper chronic layers. A INFLAM and NT-Detox are crucial support formulas.


Olive Leaf: studies confirm its antibacterial, antifungal, antiinflammatory effects with antioxidant capacity double that of green tea and are 400% greater than vitamin C

Lemon Balm: antiviral

Thyme: antiviral, immune booster, used for colds, coughs, sore
throats, fungus

Self Heal: antibiotic, antiseptic, used for wide variety of ills and wounds including AIDS, TB and cancer

Astragalus: immune stimulant, liver protective, antiviral, builds chi, balances
spleen and digestive system

Lomatium: antiviral, antibacterial, immune boosting

Contraindications: Monitor diabetics and patients on blood thinners. Not recommended during pregnancy

Suggested Use: Acute: A-C can be used at a higher level, such as two droppers, 2-3 times a day. To avoid relapse it is preferable to stay on A-C and support formulas for six months after symptoms subside or until blood or energetic tests show that it has cleared. Chronic: 1-2 drops 2 times daily and titrate up to 20 drops 2 times daily as needed /tolerated.