Envi-Rad - Byron White Formulas - Radiation, Electro-Magnetic (EMF), Pesticide and Herbicide Herbal Support


Envi-Rad - Byron White Formulas - Radiation, Electro-Magnetic (EMF), Pesticide and Herbicide Herbal Support

Product description

Byron White Envi-Rad the formula to remove toxic radiation

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Byron White Envi-Rad is a special, very high-quality blend of 20. Herbs for detoxification of toxic radiation, electro-magnetic waves (EMF), chemicals, solvent, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

ENVI-Rad supports natural body DETOX systems to facilitate the removal of toxins, chemicals, metals and radiation, thus releasing the flow of energy that can be used for healing. It is also often used in patients with sensitivity to chemicals.

Toxins reduce the ability of the body to combat pathogens. Envi-rad helps with regeneration, adds antioxidants to the body and supports the heart, liver and digestive, immune and respiratory system.

It also contains strong adaptogenic herbs that support the kidneys and the adrenal glands in a natural way.

  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale): Several medicinal properties, active substances: chicoric acid, Taraxasterol, chlorogenic acid and Sesquiterfoam lactones.
  • Inula helenium: secondary metabolites have strong effects including antioxidant, antibiotic, anticarcinogenic.
  • Cordyceps: Cordycepin has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects and has a profound effect on the immune system
  • Ginger: has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and strong antimicrobial potential.

Taking together with Byron White Detox 2 is recommended.

The tinctures of Byron White are one of the best in the world. Dr. Byron White was a healer with a 37 year practice. During his life he helped over 25,000 individuals with chronic illnesses and Lyme disease (borreliosis). His main focus was the research of natural healing plants and how to use them correctly. He created 40 herbal formulas, which are now used by different naturopaths, osteopaths and other practitioners.