A-Cpn - Byron White Formulas - Chlamydia Pneumoniae - Lyme - Mold Coinfection Formula


A-Cpn - Byron White Formulas - Chlamydia Pneumoniae - Lyme - Mold Coinfection Formula

Product description

Byron White A-CPN, against Chlamidia Pneumoniae, Lyme and mold coinfection)

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Byron White A-CPN is an exclusive blend of herbs in a tincture that naturally support the body’s immune system and help to defend and fight bacteria and mold. In particular, A-CPN is designed to fight Chamidia Pneumoniae– even in the coinfection with Lyme disease and mold.

The A-CPN-contained herb Nu Zhen Zi Fen protects the liver and acts anti-inflammatory and supports the body in the fight against neuro and bio toxins.

Studies confirm that the chemical components of the herb Berberis vulgaris, such as berberin, palmatin, columbaine and coptisine, work against diabetes, liver disease, bladder pain, digestive problems and urinary tract inflammation.

A-CPN formula also contains:

  • Crytolepsis sanguinolenta,which is also used in the treatment of malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) and similar parasitic infections. The active ingredients are isoquinolin alkaloids.
  • Barberis vulgaris with many anti-inflammatory effects and positive effects on digestion.
  • Rosemary extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects and protects the liver and improves cognitive function.
  • Olive leaf extract contains polyphenols that have antiviral, antibacterial and anti oxidative properties and can reduce bladder inflammation.

For the best and fastest effects, we recommend using with detox 2 and A-INFLAM support formulas.